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Welcome to the Official Home of Newtown Forest F.C.

A cross-community football club based in South Belfast
Proudly sponsored by The Ivanhoe Hotel, LPE & The Limelight
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Club Charter


Newtown Forest Football Club is an amateur sporting organisation which facilitates the opportunity for players from all backgrounds to play competitive football in an inclusive and friendly environment.


  • The Club aims to involve people from all walks of life, irrespective of religion, race, class or gender, in an environment free from sectarianism or bigotry of any kind.
  • The Club is a democratic organisation in which members will elect a committee to run the club on their behalf.
  • The club will sustain itself financially through sign-on fees and monthly dues from club members.
  • The Club aims to enhance the individual player's footballing ability and as a consequence improve the team's performance and results.
  • Newtown Forest intends to offer a relatively inexpensive outlet for individual's leisure time, providing enjoyment through sporting/social activities.
  • The club will continually develop by striving to introduce further teams, potentially including a youth team or women’s team.
  • The club will aim to increase membership each year.
  • The club will provide a wide variety of social events outside of football throughout the year to encourage participation from family and friends of members.


Achievement of many of the goals will be based upon having a wide social foundation with no group being excluded from membership.

By involving friends and family and non-playing members in social events the Club can reach further into communities, involving people who would maybe not have had interaction with people from different communities.

The Club will welcome applications for membership from any person. Individuals interested in joining can approach players or existing members to be put forward to the Committee for consideration.

  • Player's ability and fitness, together with team success will be nurtured through structured training sessions, using members of the Club who will have received instruction in providing training to others.
  • By keeping membership/registration fees as low as viably possible the Club will prevent exclusion of people on low incomes.
  • Club accounts will be made available to members through financial reports at AGMs.
  • AGMs will form the democratic basis for the running of the Club, whereby the Committee's actions will be answerable to the members and new Committee members will be elected.
  • The Committee will be elected as outlined within the handbook.


In the event of the Club dissolving, any funds which remain will be returned to sponsors, as far as is possible. Other assets, such as equipment, will be donated to charitable organisations.

Player Responsibilities


  • The Club, in accordance with the IFA Mandate, enforces the "One Player One Club" rule as detailed by the IFA. This means that once signed for the Club you cannot sign for another Club without requesting and progressing an official transfer from the Club Committee.


  • Player Dues will be per month. This fee includes the cost of training (normally 8 sessions) and on average four matches.
  • Some months we may only play 2 or 3 matches, however the dues remain the same as these matches will be played as extra games in later months.
  • Should a player not appear in two or more of the games played during a particular month, then money will be deducted from their dues for the next month at the discretion of the treasurer. (all appearances will be recorded)
  • Players Dues are required by 13:00 on the first Saturday of each month without exception. Failure to pay by this time will result in you being ineligible for team selection until dues are paid.
  • Any player who has a problem paying Dues on time should speak to the treasurer directly and where possible, special arrangements can be made to make payments.
  • Player Dues Direct Debit Option: An optional direct debit service is available if desired. This is free of charge, and only the set amount will be withdrawn. All personal details will be treated in the strictest confidence and will be available only to the bank and the Treasurer. If you wish to partake in this scheme please talk to the Treasurer


A player will be fined £1 for breaching any of the following rules. This fine must be paid before 14:00 on the following Saturday. If the fine is not paid by this time the fine will be doubled and the player will be ineligible for team selection until paid.

  • Lateness on match-day - Any player who arrives to the agreed meeting place on match day after the pre arranged time without notifying the manager will be fined.
  • Unfit to play on match day - Any player who arrives to the agreed meeting place on match day in an unfit state will be fined and may be suspended for future matches following a disciplinary hearing
  • No Show on match day – Any player who fails to turn up on match day with out due cause will be fined and may be suspended for future matches following a disciplinary hearing.
  • No show on Training day without notifying the Manager - The Committee understand that it's not always possible to make a training session, however we ask that if you cannot attend, please inform the manager (it doesn't take much of an effort!). Any player who misses training without informing the manager 30mins prior to training commencing will be fined.


There are two set members meetings per year which players are expected to attend. These are:

  • The 12 bars of Christmas Pub Crawl
  • The End of Season do and Trophy presentation

Additionally other events will be organised by the Players Representative throughout the year where notice will be given in advance of the date and time of commencement.

Club Rules

Club Committee

Electing the Committee

  • The Club Committee will run the club and will comprise of three positions. Secretary, Treasurer and Players Representative. An Honorary Chairman will also be selected and will be entitled to attend committee meetings at any time, but cannot vote on any issue.
  • Each Committee role is a two-year post.
  • Any club member who has been at the club for a minimum of 2 years can nominate themselves for a role on the committee.
  • The Committee will be selected at the club Annual General Meeting at the end of a season if any positions are up for renewal.
  • The Committee will be chosen by the club members who will vote to decide who will take on each of the three positions from the candidates nominated.
  • In the event of a tied vote, the existing committee will make the choice.
  • Should a committee member stand down at any stage during their 2-year term, an Extraordinary General Meeting will be called to decide their replacement using the same voting process as used during the AGM. However, the current committee can propose to nominate a temporary post holder if appropriate.
  • The current Honorary Chairman will remain in his/her role for an indefinite period and will only be changed if the current Committee deems necessary. The Committee will be responsible for the selection of a new Chairman.
  • The current Committee can propose to change the structure of the committee, however any change must be voted for unanimously by the club members at the AGM at the end of the season.
  • Any member of the Committee who does not fulfil their role as required can be voted off the Committee by the other two members. In this case a replacement will be voted in by the club members at an Extraordinary General Meeting.

Role of the Committee

  • The Club Committee will be collectively responsible for the general running of the club.
  • Each member of the committee will have an equal say in the running of the club. All contentious issues between the committee will be decided by a vote. Two votes will be enough to carry the motion. The club Chairman cannot vote on any issue.
  • The Committee must also plan for future development of the club
  • The team Managers can attend Committee meetings but cannot vote on any issue.
  • The Team Managers will be selected by the Committee without voting from the other members.
  • The team Managers can be replaced by the Committee at any stage based on a unanimous decision
  • The Committee will meet once per Month; dates are to be arranged by the Secretary. Any committee member can call an extraordinary meeting at any stage, including the Chairman.
  • If a Committee member resigns, it must be in written form to the Secretary or to the Chairman.

Committee Responsibilities

Club Chairman
  • The role of the club Chairman will be to provide advice and consultation with the other Committee members as and when required. He or she will not be a current player while in office. The Chairman can call a committee meeting at any stage.
Club Treasurer
  • The Treasurer shall take charge of all maters relating to finance
  • He/she must keep an accurate set of accounts which can be inspected at any stage by the other Committee members
  • All monies going out and coming into the club must be recorded in these accounts
  • The club bank account will be managed by the Treasurer alone
  • The Treasurer must ensure the club is never in debt and always have enough funds to cover all essential costs
  • All club purchases must be approved by the Treasurer
  • The Treasurer will be responsible for ensure all club expenses and equipment are paid for
  • The Treasurer will also be responsible for collecting all money from club members including monthly dues and signing on fees.
  • The Treasurer must present an accurate set of accounts to the club members at the end of season AGM
  • The treasurer will be held responsible for any discrepancies within the club accounts
Club Secretary
  • The Club Secretary will be responsible for ensuring that the Committee meet at least once a month at an agreed time and venue
  • He/she will record an accurate minute of each meeting or ensure that another committee member is recording the minutes
  • The Secretary will attend all external meetings as a representative of the club. This includes the monthly league meetings and the league AGM
  • All fixtures will be arranged by the Secretary. This includes ensuring all venues are booked and that the referee, the league and the opposition are aware of the times and venues of each game
  • Pre-season friendlies will also be arranged by the Secretary.
  • The Secretary will also ensure all training facilities are booked as agreed by the other committee members
  • The Secretary will ensure that all players representing the club are eligible to play in each competition. All league and cup registration forms will be completed and signed by the Secretary and processed accordingly.
  • The Secretary will be held responsible if any player is found to have played a game which he/she is not eligible.
  • The Secretary must deal with all correspondence with the League, the County Antrim FA and the Irish FA as and when required.
  • The Secretary must inform the Treasurer of all bills and fines issued by the league and other bodies to ensure prompt payment
Players Representative
  • The Player Representative is responsible for raising any issues or grievances voiced by the players
  • He/she must arrange regular meetings with the players to allow them to provide feedback
  • The Players Representative is also responsible for organising all social events throughout the year, with the help of the other Committee members and players. At least 3 social events should be arranged including a Christmas party and end of season event
  • He/she is also responsible for arranging at least 2 fundraising events per year
  • The Players Representative will also be responsible for sourcing sponsorship from local businesses
  • He/she will also arrange a player vote to select their player of the season
Note: when you have signed registration forms as a player each season or joined the Club as a non-playing member you will be expected to abide by any of the relevant rules in this Charter.